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Andrew D. Struttmann

Owner and Partner

Andrew Struttmann is Owner and Partner at Saratoga Strategies. He is a campaigns warhorse and has been an integral part of over 30 campaigns in Colorado, New Mexico and Louisiana. He specializes in campaigns management, field programs, and strategic voter outreach. 

Struttmann is a native of Kentucky and spent his formative years in rural Illinois just down the road from Ronald Reagan's boyhood home. He moved to Colorado in 2007 and rather likes it here. 

Struttmann is a graduate of the University of Denver where he majored in Political Science. He is an avid outdoorsman and a Kentucky Colonel.

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Vincent L. Szilagyi

Owner and Partner

Vincent Szilagyi (pronounced Suh-La-G) is a campaigns veteran who has worked in Colorado politics throughout the state. He specializes in campaign strategies, logistics, data analysis, and effective political problem solving.

Szilagyi began his political career as a volunteer for John McCain's 2008 Presidential Campaign and was State Chairman of the Colorado Federation of College Republicans in 2012. 

Szilagyi is a graduate of the University of Denver where he majored in History, Political Science and Geography and met his wife Taylor.

He is a member of the Board of Directors of the Rocky Mountain Map Society and an avid map collector. He lives with his wife in Englewood, Colorado.​

About Us

Saratoga Strategies Mission Statement

We will fight cheerfully and do our utmost to provide quality political work to clients in a manner that is ethical, honorable, and diligent. We will bring a happy warrior mentality to each project we undertake, laboring with care to honestly deliver for our clients and take rightful pride in the work that we do.

We strive to be a place where quality people can do quality work, and advocate for conservative politics rightly understood. We commit to being open, trustworthy, and accountable as we grow in the political sphere.

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